Studio Dos Rios

Studio Dos Rios is the workshop of Katherine Wildermuth and John Jamison.

It is located a few miles south and west of Walla Walla, Washington.

Studio Dos Rios is a passive solar home sitting on a 15-acre nature preserve. It is situated between two salmon-bearing streams, Yellowhawk Creek and Cottonwood Creek, which is why we call it “Dos Rios” (Spanish for “Two Rivers”). For more details, check out the “Home & Habitat” page.About us:

Katherine Wildermuth

I began to paint seriously when I stopped teaching art in 2001. Looking for subject matter led me to my travels and the cultural and natural aspects of my destinations. I have spent time in both New and old Mexico, Spain, Guatemala and most recently Costa Rica. The warm climate, bright color and striking customs of these places make me want to paint.


John Jamison

I taught at the Lakeside and Bush Schools in Seattle, Washington, from 1970 to 2003. My fields of primary interest were Ancient and Medieval History, Intellectual History of the Twentieth Century, and Modern Physics (relativity and quantum mechanics). I developed software for teaching physics to high school students, including the relativity program Mach Turtles (see Downloads) and a number of Quantum Mechanics programs.


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