Katherine Wildermuth

I began to paint seriously when I stopped teaching art in 2001. Looking for subject matter led me to my travels and the cultural and natural aspects of my destinations. I have spent time in both New and old Mexico, Spain, Guatemala and most recently Costa Rica. The warm climate, bright color and striking customs of these places make me want to paint.

I am especially interested in the life and culture of Latin America and the American southwest. The following are of particular visual interest:

* the religious iconography of the Mexicos, especially the Virgin of Guadalupe with her aura and her serene disposition;

* the devotional charms called "milagros" in the form of arms, legs, other body parts, animals, servants, houses, etc., that are sold outside the churches especially at festival times;

* tropical or desert vegetation including cactuses and fruits;

* the birds of the tropics and other regions with their flashy colors;

* the bright, intense colors of the folk arts and crafts of these localities.

I find pattern and geometry equally compelling and use them liberally as a way to structure and organize my compositions. In addition, I hope that both humor and a bit of the unexpected find their way into my work.

My husband and I moved to Walla Walla in 2003 after having spent our working years living in Seattle. I taught art for 30 years and loved almost every minute of it. I love being retired even more.

My currently available paintings are here:   Paintings

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