The Bush School, Seattle. John has done consulting with this fine K-12 Seattle institution. 

The Walla Walla Symphony. Oldest symphony west of the Mississippi in continuous operation. Also far, far better than your usual small town orchestra. An unexpected treasure for a community the size of Walla Walla.

The Walla Walla Chamber Music Festival. One of the newest festivals, but of international quality. Outstanding performances during June of every year.

NetLogo. Here’s the source for the Java-based interpreter of NetLogo, in which I am doing my programming. In order to run my downloads (page still under construction), you need this. Don’t worry, it’s free & cross-platform.

Magpies-on-the-Move. John’s sister Margaret Jamison’s lovely and largely photographic chronicle of a year spent with her dog Maggie in Berlin. Margaret’s a visual artist and talented photographer, also a clever writer.

Ellie Fernald, Seattle artist and long-time friend. Ellie makes beautiful things, with unusual materials, and her website shines.

Friend Steve Woolley, retired pastor, writes an elegant and thoughtful theological blog at Country Parson.

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